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Bosanska Otoka is small, but a place with huge tourist potential, primarily because of the Una and the opportunities offered by such a geographical location. The former mills for grinding grain along the entire course of the Una have been converted into restaurants and cafes. Especially in the summer period, they provide their guests with a superb atmosphere. Although in the area of Bosnska Otoka and Bosnska Krupa, only 11 kilometers away, you can find affordable and comfortable hotel or motel accommodation, for visitors with an adventurous spirit, camping under a tent is the best option. One of the islands – Mlinčići – offers such a possibility.

Visitors can enjoy good food in a nearby restaurant, sports fields and a landscaped beach. Mlinčići is a village in the heart of Bosnian Krajina that delights with its authentic beauty and rich cultural heritage! Located in a beautiful natural environment, Mlinčići is a real discovery for all those who want to enjoy untouched nature. This small place has been delighting visitors for decades, and if you haven’t had the chance to visit it before, you must do so. On summer days, a raft, or as the locals would say – kerep, will take you to the island surrounded by the deep Una and waterfalls.

Mlinčići is just one of the river islands, there are close to 30 of them in Bosanska Otoka, larger and smaller. Enjoy the charm of Mlinčić while exploring the narrow paths that lead to picturesque rivers and green meadows. This is the perfect place for a walk along the river, swimming, cycling or simply enjoying the beautiful scenery. Mlinčići is also known for its gastronomic offer.
Visit traditional restaurants and enjoy authentic Bosnian cuisine that will enchant you with its flavors and aromas. Try local specialties such as grilled lamb, fresh fish and various meat delicacies that are prepared in the traditional way. Mlinčići is a place you must visit if you want to experience the soul of Bosnian Krajina and discover the beauty of tradition and nature.

Welcome to Mlinčiće, a place where time stands still and where you will feel at home. Take the opportunity to travel through time and create unforgettable memories in this magical resort.

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