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The Old Town of Pset

The Old Town of Pset is a historical treasure of Bosnian Krajina! Located on a picturesque hill, the Old Town of Pset represents a combination of rich history, beautiful architecture and enchanting landscape. It was created and developed in the Middle Ages and gradually changed its urban morphology through the stormy centuries and survived in the windstorm of historical events. All the ups and downs that these noble people and this proud city went through remain shrouded in mystery. Due to the scarcity of written historical sources from the earliest times and the lack of evidence of the beginnings of the construction of this city from the depths of the centuries, legends about the construction of old cities remained in oral tradition. According to one legend, the old city of Pset was built by a girl from Krupan, a neighbor of Jezerski (Castrum Hiesera). the girl Jezerka from Buži. In this way, through old stories and legends, the people’s imagination has embroidered the most beautiful legends about girls who built cities. Mystical secrets about them through the ages are conveyed to us by the smell of this air, water, stone…

Old European legends tell about the city of Pset and the river Krupa and introduce us to the well-known story of Čech, Leh and Meh. ) believed and claim that their great-grandfathers came from the south and from these regions in ancient times. Historians especially claim that their older brother Čech lived in the town of “Pset” above the river Krupa.

The Old Town of Pset offers you a unique opportunity to step into the past and explore the ruins of this medieval fortress. Pset was once a key fortress that controlled roads and trade routes in the region. Today, its stone walls, towers and remains of buildings bear witness to the past and give you a fascinating insight into the past. While walking through the Old Town of Pset, you will feel the breath of history under your feet.
Medieval alleys, ramparts and towers will take you back to the time of knights and feudal lords. Feel the atmosphere of bygone times as you explore the preserved remains of the buildings and imagine the life that once took place within those walls.

In addition to history, the Old Town of Pset also offers you an incredible view of the surrounding landscape. From its height, you can observe picturesque valleys, green forests and distant mountains that blend into a beautiful landscape. This is an ideal place to take photos and create unforgettable images that will remind you of your visit. Old Town Pset also offers space for cultural events and manifestations. Concerts, exhibitions and performances take place within the walls, giving you the opportunity to enjoy art and culture in this historic place. Enjoy the atmosphere created by the artists and explore the cultural heritage of this area.

Visit nearby restaurants and taste local specialties. Taste authentic Bosnian flavors and enjoy traditional dishes that will delight you with their rich flavors and aromas. These gastronomic trips will bring you even closer to local culture and customs. The Old Town of Pset is an unmissable destination for all lovers of history, culture and architecture. Visit this magical place and dive into the past that will delight you. Welcome to Stari Grad Pset, a place where history, architecture and beautiful scenery create an incredible experience that will remain etched in your memory.

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